Why Does It Sound Like That?

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RadioDAVE.US uses Stereo Tool to carefully process the music. The goal is to provide even volume without sucking all of the life out of it! The results should be somewhere between a CD and an FM radio station. It should be very easy to listen to on laptop speakers, ear buds, or even a nice stereo! Some listeners have reported excellent sound in their car stereos - streaming while driving.

Stereo Tool is under active development, and we regularly update our version at RadioDAVE.US to provide you with the latest improvements. Recently the developer added special adjustments for deep bass, and sparkling highs. The result? Much better clarity on laptop speakers, and much richer sound in full-range systems (such as headphones, or home theater systems).

For the geeky listeners: The processor has oodles of goodies that can totally trash the music - declipper, distortion healer, multi-band AGC, multi-band compressor, spectral loudness limiter, and more! I've been tweaking the settings for over two years to get the sound to be clear, consistent, but not lifeless.

Hope you dig it!